snookico The soft plastic baits presented on this site are proof tested hand poured patterns that catch many species of both fresh and saltwater fish. I have worked and tested many years to perfect the tail angle and surface design to provoke a bone shattering attack fooling the smartest of predator.

The Crystal Shrimp pattern to the right simulates a natural molted shHallbuster Candy Cane shrimp patternrimp of both fresh and saltwater that provoke fish to attack and devour this bait.

This pattern when properly rigged will allow the tail pointing upward to wiggle when it is laying on the bottom. Hall-craft soft plastic baits are packaged and impregnated with fish attractant to trigger strikes even in a motionless retrieval.

In fact we often fish shrimp patterns for red-fish without moving them at all.

I generally begin making this pattern in early September through out the southern winter months for red-fish and sea-trout. If a pattern is out of stock send me a email or comment and I will custom make you a batch.

We will be selling 12 Packs soon, we have bulk discounts for 25, 50 or 100 packs utilizing lower shipping rates.

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